Cedar Bluff Cash Advance

Cash Advances, Title Loans, Flex Line of Credit Loans!
Visit us once and you will know why people say we have the "niceest" staff in town.
Please call any time 670-1113
We are conviently located on Cedar Bluff Road! 
450 N Cedar Bluff Road (next to subway)

Look for us right on Cedar Bluff Road
Welcome to our store!

Here is all you need to bring:

  • Most recent 30 checking account statement
  • You will need a bring a check (we will hold)
  • Utility or Phone Bill
  • Last Pay Stub
  • Photo ID
  • SS Card

What do our customers say:

Karen and Terri are so nice!

-Victoria, Knoxville

I was uncomfortable on my first visit.  It was much easier than I expected.

- Shelly, Knoxville

The payday loan allowed me to repair my car without getting behind on my other bills.  Thank you!

- Sandy, Knoxville

Click here to visit our sister company for any of your auto title loan needs.

 Financial Disclosures for The Tennessee Flex Loan

Interest and Customary Fee.  We will charge simple interest on the average daily principal balance of your Account at the rate of 24% per annum. (“Periodic Interest Rate”), based on a 365-day year.   You will also be charged a customary fee at the rate of 0.70% per day of the average daily principal balance of your Account each billing cycle (“Customary Fee”).  The Customary Fee covers our costs associated with underwriting and documenting the Account, securing and maintaining Account information, validating your information, offering electronic and phone access to the Account, processing Account transactions, responding to inquiries, providing periodic billing statements, and all other services or activities we conduct under this Agreement.  The Customary Fee is not interest for purposes of Tennessee law.  However, the Customary Fee is disclosed as “Interest” for federal disclosure purposes above and on your periodic statement because it is calculated by applying a periodic rate to the average daily principal balance.  The combined Periodic Interest Rate and Customary Fee rate is equivalent to an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of 279.50%

we serve greater knoxville, west knoxville, bearden, hardin valley, cedar bluff, west hills, karns, 37923, 37933, 37932

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